Pixie Help

One great place to get help with Pixie 4 is the Help area found when you have Pixie open.
Go to the top menu area and click on "Help". Select "Pixie Help".
A webpage will open, with several helpful topics on the left. The information provided is easy to understand.

Pixie Website - Tech4Learning.com/Pixie

The Tech4Learning website has resources available.
Check out the demo video on this page for an introduction and explanation of what Pixie can do.
Also check out the links on the left for additional Resources, Videos, and Training.
Additional information on the Trading Post and Recipes4Success will be below.

Trading Post - tradingpost.tech4learning.com

You can register (free) and then log in to search for activities being shared by teachers such as yourself.


You can search by Product, Grade Level, Keyword, and Subject.
Note: When searching, since Pixie 4 is so new, you may need to search for Pixie 3 products and then open them in Pixie 4.


Recipes and Snacks are available here. There are 3 levels of each: Beginning (1 diamond), Medium (2 diamonds), Advanced (3 diamonds).


Recipes are pre-created projects that walk students through the different aspects of the program as they complete the project.

Snacks are similar to the Pixie Help area. They show students how to do different aspects of the program.

When you click on a Snack item, a window will open, as shown below, showing students how to do what they have requested to do.
This window can be kept open along side the Pixie canvas so that students can refer to it as they complete their project.