Here are some samples of student projects.

Lesson Idea - Personification Stories

"How To" Movies

Alliteration Project - Amazing Animal Alliterations Lesson

Q alliteration.jpg f alliteration.jpg

Antonym Project

Based on the book If I Were In Charge of the World
Antonyms3.jpg Antonyms.png

Idiom Project

IdiomFitAsFiddle.png IdiomButterflies inStomach.png

Thanksgiving Project

Students can make a page as shown. If you want to add a little more, students could also record their voice telling what they are thankful for. The project could then be exported as a video and sent home to parents.


Math Projects

Take a picture and have students find geometric shapes.
Steinbeck_House_Shapes.jpg SharingCookies.jpg

Poetry Project

Students and write and illustrate poetry. Again, this is a good project to include audio. Have students record themselves reading their poems.
butterfly poem.jpg

All About Me Project