Projects can be exported out of Pixie in many different formats so they can be viewed on different computers.

To export a finished Pixie project, click on Project and then Export.


Hide Student Names

In the bottom right corner of the export window (as shown above), there is a box to check if you want to hide student names. This would only work if the students added their names in the Options area to the right of the canvas.

Exporting Choices


Choose Export a Video if:
  • The project has several slides
  • The project has audio
  • The project is a slideshow with transitions
  • MP4 videos can be played on any computer
  • Different Size options are available



Choose Export a PDF if:
  • The project may have 1 or several slides
  • The project has no audio
  • PDF files can be opened on any computer
  • Pages can be printed
  • Even though Pixie says it "Requires Adobe Acrobat 9 or later to view", PDFs also open in Preview.
  • Example PDF opened in Preview - Thumbnails on side


Choose Export as ePub
  • The project may have several slides
  • The project can have audio
  • Projects can be opened in iBooks and viewed on computers or iPads

Choose Export Images
  • The project is just one slide
  • The project does not have audio
  • Images can then be placed in other documents or presentations such as Pages, Word, Keynote, or PowerPoint.
  • There are different Layout choices available:
  • There are 2 different Format choices available: