Small Group Projects - several students can work on the same canvas from different computers.
Whole Class Projects - teachers can create projects where each student has his/her own page but they all save to one class project.

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Sharing a Project

1. First create and save the Pixie project to your Desktop.

2. Once saved, click on the "Share" icon in the top menu area.

3. The Share Project window will open showing an icon picture which will be used to identify your project.
  • Keep the icon picture that shows up
  • Change the icon picture
  • Once picture is selected, click OK

4. Other people on the same WIFI network can now request to join your project.

Joining a Project

Once a project has been shared, any student(s) can request to join the project.
To join a project, the student must first open Pixie.

1. Once Pixie is open, click on the "Project" icon in the top menu area, then click on "Join Project".
  • The project picture should appear.
  • Click on the project picture.

2. You will then see a "Requesting to Join" message window. This window will stay open until the teacher (or person sharing the project) either approves or denies the request. If the approval does not happen in a timely manner, the request to join will be timed out and the process will need to be repeated. If the request is approved, the project will open.

Approving (or Denying) Requests to Join

Once a student requests to join a project, the teacher (or person sharing the project) needs to approve or deny the request.

1. The person sharing the project will get a message as shown below if there is a singe request. The request can be Approved or Denied.

2. If the project is being shared with several students or an entire class, the Request to Join window will look more like the one shown below.
  • Requests can be Approved or Denied on a student by student basis
  • Requests can be Approved or Denied for everyone showing by clicking the Approve All or Deny All button.

Leaving a Shared Project

1..If you leave a shared project, make sure to save any changes made.

2. Once saved, click on Project and then Leave Project.

3. Decide whether to save a copy to your own Desktop.

Managing Members of a Shared Project

1. When sharing a project, there will be a Members icon at the bottom right corner of the canvas. It will only be available as the project is being shared. Click on this icon to open the Team Members window.
2. In the Team Members window, you can choose to block any member you had previously approved. Click OK when finished.